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Meet Sharon

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State Representative Sharon MacDonell is serving her first term in Michigan’s 56th House District, which encompasses parts of Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Clawson, Royal Oak, and Troy. An 18-year resident of Troy, with her husband and two daughters, she has been a community leader and activist, with the aim of keeping Troy strong.

Early Years

Sharon was born in Bethpage, New York. From an early age, she faced challenges head-on, such as an early Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis that taught her the perseverance that is an essential part of her character even today. 


Growing up in Michigan from age 8, she developed a keen interest in social justice and politics. A proud graduate of Michigan's public school system, Sharon continued her education at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in history.

Deep Community Roots

After graduating, Sharon worked for broadcasting and automotive firms in creative and problem-solving positions, including as a journalist, marketing professional and video producer. She even spent four years living in Tokyo, Japan, working for a television production company. That international experience forged an understanding of international business practices, cultural competency and the need for community engagement. 


Since returning to Michigan from overseas, Sharon has lived in District 56 for 30 years. She met her husband while living in Royal Oak, married and adopted two daughters while in Clawson, and made Troy the family’s home in 2005.

Becoming an Activist

Sharon became a stay-at-home mom activist when Troy’s city council threatened to close her daughters’ beloved Troy Public Library. She used her "Keep Troy Strong" blog to unite citizens and organizations to fight for and ultimately save the library.

She used her blog again as a leader in the successful effort to recall Troy’s embarrassingly divisive mayor in 2012. And when a city manager was caught embezzling funds and accused of abusive behavior, Sharon demanded transparency from city council members who had defended him. The city manager was eventually arrested and sentenced to federal prison.


Leading From the Front

Over time she took on more formal leadership roles, co-founding Troy Indivisible and being elected co-chair and then chair of the Troy Democratic Club.


Her priorities as a legislator are funding and supporting public education, protecting vulnerable adults and seniors, fighting discrimination, improving access to health care, and continuing to strengthen Michigan’s infrastructure, economy, and green initiatives.

Sharon proudly championed many important bills in Lansing, including "Justice for Allie", House Bills 4320 and 4387 which protects vulnerable adults from sexual predators and Safe Storage Gun Legislation, House Bill 4139.

Now, with your help, Sharon will continue to fight for you in Lansing!

Paid for by Elect Sharon MacDonell P.O. Box 99221 Troy MI 48099

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