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Policy Priorities

Fund and Support Public Education

  • Fund public schools appropriately so that every child gets what they need

  • Provide necessary resources for educators

  • Ensure students have mental health resources 

  • Support both college-bound and skilled-trade tracks in schools

  • Provide necessary resources to keep children safe at school

Learning Pod

Invest in Infrastructure

  • Continue to invest in infrastructure to improve our roads and bridges and create jobs

  • Support, expand and modernize sustainability initiatives in Michigan

  • Collaborate to secure funding for small projects in district

  • Continue to invest and build the EV infrastructure in Michigan

Highway Bridges

Strengthen Michigan

  • Work to ensure accessibility and equity for all Michiganders. I’m proud to live in one of the most diverse State House Districts in Michigan!

  • Protect the rights of everyone — people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientations and religious traditions

  • Continue to advocate for Michiganders with disabilities as chair of the Michigan Legislative Disability Caucus

  • Promote access to affordable healthcare

Improve Access to Healthcare

  • Protect women’s reproductive healthcare

  • Promote access to affordable healthcare

  • Lower prescription drug prices

  • Increase mental health support for veterans and military families

  • Re-evaluate and amend the current auto insurance reform

Wheelchair Guidance

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